Wednesday, December 17, 2008

thats what you get

BRATs part 3

Still in day two, after visiting the Rainforest Discovery Centre,
We quickly packed for our 3days 2night trip in the campsite.

We took a 5km hike which was 3whole hours.
3hours or muddy ground, up and down hills, tiger leeches and sandflies.
I had 9 leeches on me,
At first I was freaked out by it but eventually I got over it and enjoyed rolling it into a bundle and pulling it away.
Its sort of slimy and it they don’t like suck on your blood within the first 10 seconds.

There was this HUGE leech on the back of my hand and I couldn’t roll it off,
So I asked Adrian the videographer to help me take it off,
He ended up filming me in my misery and then only took the leech off,
Still no bite.
I haven’t been bitten to the extend of bleeding but those who have said that they don’t feel it at all.
And I heard they only suck bad blood? Or are you guys just messing with me.

No pictures of my leechy friends.
Oh at night in the tent, Sonia, Kah Mun and I were visited by 2 leeches too.
One hanging on our tent and one that suddenly dropped on me.

our view from the inside of our tent.
its pretty awesome looking at this at night when you're trying to sleep.

Next day, my group went to Kampung Asam.
The place reminds me of where the people in “Waterworld” lived in.
Everywhere surrounded by sea and living on wooden floors where you can literary see fishes in the holes.

I scaled and removed fish guts.

fresh prawns!

From one of the houses I spotted 3 girls roaming around.
I went up to them and ask them to smile for the camera and had a small chat with them.
They were a really happy bunch and didn’t show any sign of
“I really hate it here” emotion.
They became the stars of our trip there because they were too adorable and friendly.

Gilang was the youngest and smiled the most

i still miss them

We went into another house to learn how to make keropok!

and i had the honors to use this really cool tool

Esther and Cheryl with Gilang

Little Mawi who was really emo at first

Then got the hang of it later :)



Dina & Gia

it was hard for all of us to say bye to everyone there,
They were extremely nice to us and fed us non stop with Hari Raya cookies and tea and so so much more.

It really feels like an eye opener sometimes.

i can just die now

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