Thursday, May 10, 2007


I was enthusiastically inspired to blog this afternoon, since I miss it so much :(
I had to many ilham’s but now it just went poof.

Boo to you orang seafield who finish their exams :(
i’ll try to dig my brains for the thing I was so anxious to blog about.
Although im not sure if your even interested.
I was just excited.

Ah yes,
I found out my piano exam is on 6th August. ( HUHUHAHA )
No I haven’t finish my 1st and 3rd price :S

So far I know XinYi’s is on 13th June, Peggy is on 18th June, and Rachel’s is on 22nd August.

Okay so maybe too soon is bad because you wouldn’t want to be a paino playing machine during the holidays right after the mid terms right?

And having the exam too late wouldn’t be fun either because people would be laughing their heads off at how stress you are when the day comes.

So yeah,
Not too bad of a day for choice.

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