Friday, May 16, 2008

keep it coming

Ah yes glorious Friday !

Okay so where do I start.

Um as you know, im heading to Penang on the 24th May.
Staying there for a 4days 3nights program/workshop/camp whatever you wanna call it.

Okay for those who don’t know what BRATs is,
Its sorta like a journalism programme for teenagers to get into the life and industry of journalism.
Its what I like to do and know I can never have it as a career so this is a way I get the taste of it ;)

According to what my sis tell me’s from her experience when she went BRATs in Fraser’s Hill they had to go around in pairs interviewing and taking photographs of the people there and interview what they do for a living etc.

In my case, my dad said we’ll probably interview those road side hawker people.
And im in big trouble since I don’t know a lot of hokkien !

Its my first time going somewhere alone with no family or friends.
Just feeling totally vulnerable and back to square one to meet people.

We’ll be staying at a Sunway Hotel in Penang though.

So I was scheduled to leave on the 27th May.
Book a bus ticket home that was supposingly reaching One Utama at 10pm.

The day we comfirmed and paid for the bus ticket, Happy Moments called,
Telling me I was invited for this function on the very same day but at 7.30pm.

No I DO NOT know if im the winner,
They just shortlisted the top ten and invited us and will announced it then.

Of course I wanna go right,
So my bus ticket worth RM56 had to go to waste.

And there were no other bus rides that could accommodate my time.
Since BRATs only ended at 1pm.

So guess whats my alternative.

Im flying home. :)

We wanted Malaysia Airlines but it was FULLY BOOKED.
So we only had Air Asia but duh I was definitely taking it.

So there you go people,
The thing that’s been keeping my attention away from the books is the day where I fly home from Penang and rush to Kuala Lumpur for Happy Moments.

Whereby im taking flight.

The thought of taking that flight is quite freaky though.
And walking around the airport asking for directions alone.
I seriously have no clue where to go because I usually just follow my parents and leave it to them to navigate.

But you know what would be the cherry on top of this pretty awesome-fied cake?

Winning RM5000 on the very same day.
Haha okay lah RM2000 or RM1000 also good lah.

But even if I didn’t win,
Im just so grateful to have done it all.

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